15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

I came across a fellow book blogger’s post pertaining to this challenge, and couldn’t be more thrilled to see a fresh, new topic to blog about! As a result, I have decided to participate in Good Books and Good Wine’s 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge, starting with today, Day 1.

This is a challenge that allows us bloggers to reveal some things about ourselves that others may not know. I see it as an opportunity for you to get to know the person behind this blog better. I encourage you to participate so that I may get to know you, as well!

Day 1: 15 Book-Related Confessions

  1. I ALWAYS judge a book by its cover and will rarely ever pick up a book with an unappealing cover unless I KNOW for a 100% fact the contents are amazing, just poorly represented. And on that note…
  2. I despise book covers that depict girls in prom dresses. Ok, fine… I understand that this imagery probably connects with the intended audience to some extent, what with prom being on the mind of many a teenage girl, but for me, prom was 10+ years ago… And I am SO over that. Plus, most of the time, the girl in the book never wears that glamorous dress, plus it is just plain embarrassing for me to be seen with such a cover in my hands in public.
  3. I am that person who will look at every single copy of a book in the store before picking the one that is in the very best shape to take home. Dents? Creases? Finger prints? Funny smooshy marks that distract from the book’s shine? Stickers? I won’t have them, and will even pass up picking up a book in the store if I can’t find one I like.
  4. Can I emphasize how much I despise stickers being placed on books? Nothing is worse than that disgusting brown stickiness that remains or the ghost of a border that can sometimes be seen when a sticker is peeled off.
  5. loathe paperbacks but will pick up a physical paperback ONLY if I have already read and love the book so much that I absolutely must have a physical copy. More often than not, I will just opt for ebook if only a paperback copy is available. My only exception are Entangled Teen books.
  6. I have a thing for books that make you think. And not always about good things. I like books that push buttons, emotional buttons, controversial buttons. Buttons are good, and I like when my reading material pushes them.
  7. will pass over a book if it looks like there is any chance of a love triangle within its pages. I don’t care if the book is destined to be the next Holy Bible, love triangles are no longer welcome on my shelves. More often than not they are used as unnecessary plot devices. More often than not they drive me absolutely batty and turn my eye balls into an endless ferris wheel inside my head.
  8. I will skim-read if a book is dragging. I actually do this with one out of ten books…
  9. I cannot stand it when publishers redesign their books in the middle of a series. This makes me think that publishers care only about new sales and not so much about existing/faithful readers. Much respect is given when a publishers re-release hardcovers of their prior installments with the new design to ensure matching sets in the same format for existing collectors.
  10. Yes, I HATE it when my book series sets do not match, and not just total redesigns either. Even if just the formatting of the spine changes (i.e. title position, author name, publisher logo, etc.) my eye begins to twitch. I love to look at my collection when book series are completed, and I want what I see to make sense.
  11. While I hate scary movies, I love scary books. Terror is a button that I also like to see pushed.
  12. I’ve read books that would give your gramma a heart attack. Just Google Rock ‘N’ Roll Babes From Outer Space.
  13. I don’t care if there is a happy ending. And sometimes, if I really, really don’t like the protagonist, I will root for the antagonist. Sometimes, I even hope for total disaster in the end.
  14. I have hundreds of books sitting on my shelves that I have bought but have not read. And I have even more e-books than that… Yet for some reason I keep buying more…
  15. I obsess over books more than I probably should. How can I not when one is almost always in my hand? Plus, if I’m not reading I’m either blogging, tweeting or chatting about books… I can go absolutely anywhere without washing my hair (some days) or make up (all days), but I absolutely, positively cannot go anywhere without a book. I’ll feel naked. I was even made fun of once by one of those gate purse search security people for taking a book to a concert. What can I say? I love books.

Do you have any of your own book-related confessions?

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