Authors Are Rockstars Tour: Lisa Burstein Guest Post

Today I have the honor of hosting on my blog as part of the 2nd annual Authors Are Rockstars Tour, the super fabulous and “never afraid to write it like it is”… LISA BURSTEIN!

I was beyond excited when I found out that my blog had been selected to host Lisa, since her books have been some of my favorite reads this past year. Her contemporary novels, ranging from older YA to “New Adult”, keep it “real” in a way that few young adult books do. I admire her ability to hold true to the obstacles that many teenagers face today, considering the teenage years aren’t always made of flowers and rainbows. Life lessons can be found within her novels, all without coming across as a 90s-esque after school special. Score one for Lisa.

There are many reasons why I think Lisa Burstein is a rockstar, and I’ve taken the time t list them below. Also, I have a couple giveaways at the bottom of the post that I encourage you to check out. I think that everyone should have the opportunity to read this talented author’s books.

So let’s get to it, yes?

Why is Lisa Burstein a Rockstar?

  • Lisa is one of the nicest authors I know. She’s super friendly and she takes the time to interact, either on Facebook, Twitter, in email or in person.
  • She is a master at telling contemporary stories that keep things “real”.
  • Few novels truly take you back to your teenage years like Lisa’s novel do – especially if those years weren’t the easiest.
  • Few authors dare to be so brutally honest.
  • She writes spine tingling romance, even if her characters are cynically hesitant about love…
  • She has turned swearing into an art form.
  • Her humor is dark, dry and absolutely hilarious:

“Ginny yelled through her megaphone as we worked, telling us to view the trash we picked up as a gathering of all the souls we affected with our drug use. To see each piece as one more person who forgave us.
I picked up an empty box of adult diapers and wondered who that was supposed to be.”
― Pretty Amy

  • Ben.
  • No, seriously… Ben.
  • It’s like she knows every form of humiliation that could practically exist in a teenager’s life and somehow managed to make it all work in just 300 pages (Pretty Amy).
  • She was brave enough to write this.
  • Her lessons are solid, true and not at all “after school special”:

“Unfortunately, I am only myself. I am scared and alone and unsure, but I am practicing. I am scared and alone and unsure, but that doesn’t mean I always will be.

Like AJ [Amy’s Parrot] repeating words, I can repeat being me, until I start to believe it.”
―  Pretty Amy

  • Lisa wrote a novel, guys – more than one, actually. She has bared her soul in words, let the masses read it and has professionally taken both praise and criticism. That alone is to be admired and makes her the ultimate rockstar.