A One-Stop Book Blogging Publicity Resource


(Note: I mulled around for quite a while deciding whether or not I would actually post this.)

This post is indented to be a resource for book review bloggers in the US who wish to establish relationships with young adult (YA) publishers.

Please use this information ONLY if you are a serious and dedicated blogger who has been ACTIVELY blogging for more than 6 months and have at least 300 followers (preferably more) under your belt. ARCs are not for everyone. Do not waste the publisher’s time if you are only out for “free books”.

As a young adult book blogger, one of the greatest thrills you can imagine is reaching that point when the book publishers actually want YOU to review their books and rely on YOU to help promote them. It’s a big step to develop a relationship with publishers, one that should be taken seriously and not as a means for personal gain (or free books). I know how much work, time and dedication it has taken me to establish relationships with the publishers, and although I won’t be giving you my own personal contacts below, I AM giving you a resource to help make building relationships a bit easier.

Below I provide:

  • General contact information for the publishers who release the widest assortment of titles on the market.
  • Publicity contacts for a handful of authors (the information is publicly available on their web sites). That’s right, these are direct contacts for publicists who work for each publisher (aka. real people). Having these contacts is beneficial as it gets your leg in the door beyond a general/catch-all email address.
  • A sample template for a blogger email submission to a publicist. (How’s that for a one-stop resource?)

I recommend that you read my other post, Top Ten Tips for New Book Bloggers, for even more information about blogging in general as well as working with publishers.